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How to identify quality webbing

A pollution: by the naked eye there is no stains, stain, oil and other stolen goods.

2, color test: This can be observed with the naked eye to see its color, texture roll edge with a needle, not messy, it should be very pure color.

3, flash: flash is usually some yarn, this also may be observed with the naked eye, the webbing on both sides and the catcher does not have serious hair ball and wool yarn.

4, jumper: this also may be observed by the naked eye, webbing can not have jumpers. The quality of certain kind enough webbing straps specifications of the standard specifications is the best embodiment of the ribbon quality.

5, the thickness of the test: with accurate to 0,001 vernier caliper measurement tolerance shall not exceed plus or minus 0,1mm.

6, the width of detection: with a caliper measuring 1 inch and 1 inch webbing width, tolerances can not exceed plus or minus 0.25 points; 1 inch and 1 inch below the ribbon width, standard tolerance should not exceed plus or minus 0,25mm. Note: plain, with one word must be of sufficient size can not exceed 0,25 points.

Ribbon by the characteristics can be divided into the following categories:

1, the elastic band: Crochet band / clip is loose tight band / twill elastic band / towel elastic band / NZD door elastic band / Lycra elastic / non-slip elastic band / mention the word jacquard elastic band
2, rope type: round elastic rope / needle pass, PP, Ditan, acrylic, cotton, hemp, etc.
3, knit band: Due to the special structure refers to the transverse (dimension to) tightness, mainly for trim knit band
4, letters with: polypropylene material, mentioning the word letters, bilateral letter, mentioning the letters round rope, etc.
5, with one word: transparent straps, Shadai, cable
6, bags Ribbon: PP belt, nylon webbing, cotton belt, artificial silk belt, acrylic webbing, jacquard ribbon. . .
7, velvet belt: elastic velvet ribbon, fleece band
8, a variety of cotton edge, lace
9, velvet belt: velvet with the use of velvet material, a thin strap inlaid hair
10, with printing: tailored to a variety of patterns in the tape above.

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