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Car seat belts would you choose it?

Safety is very important, car seat belts would you choose it?

Car seat belts in an accident or emergency brake is effective protection of human security, the role of the big shows. So how to choose the belt webbing it?

Car seat belts to be able to withstand a certain tension, can withstand large tensile webbing material generally nylon, polyester, PP, cotton, polyester. But safety webbing requirements toughness, wear resistance, not broken, which is the basic requirement.

Summer car guests plenty of sweat is inevitable, then the car seat belts are resistant to humidity and sweat effect, imitation is the best choice Ribbon moldy.

Due to direct contact with the body belts, webbing soft inevitable requirement, based on these requirements, then look polypropylene webbing webbing material properties:

1, the lightest fiber: concentrated, crushing weight 40% lighter than cotton, 30% lighter than polyester, soft lubrication;
2, more warmth than wool fibers: Thermal conductivity is the existing natural and synthetic fibers lowest, lower heat loss rate
3, color fastness: dope dyeing, color fastness, after dyeing and other fiber can not be compared;

Polypropylene webbing is undoubtedly difficult to find your best choice of high-quality materials!

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