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Polypropylene fine

Polypropylene fine, superfine fiber off a fashion craze

Development of chemical fiber fabrics, our country beginning from polyester, has experienced for decades. In the early 70s Beijing polyester pilot plant began in polyester production. 1980, and its keen economic vision, took the lead from ° company has introduced international advanced level of the 1980s polyester high speed spinning machine production equipment. In the first domestic production of polyester stretch yarn, polyester at the same time and actively develop new products. Developed DTY, colored polyester textured yarn and other synthetic filament yarn. With these chemical fiber production of chemical fiber fabrics were all the rage, and achieved good economic and social benefits. Subsequently, the rapid development of China's chemical fiber industry, various chemical plants are springing up all over China, has grown. By the 1990s, the market situation of supply exceeding demand, the development of chemical fiber stagnated.

Polyester and other synthetic functional change is not large, can not meet the market demand for high-end. Fiber develop urgently a new path. In the development of chemical fiber, not only is China encountered problems, world countries also have faced the same difficulties, and therefore have been a great effort to develop new textile fabrics, chemical fiber in order to achieve product upgrading to high-grade transformation.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the world appears new trend, people turned to the study of polypropylene fiber polyester fiber. States put a lot of effort in research and development fine, superfine polypropylene fibers. Because polypropylene fiber unique comfort, warmth, light, perspiration, antibacterial, health care and other capabilities far beyond the polyester fiber, even comparable with high-grade silk, wool.

It is understood that foreign high-tech development of the use of polypropylene fibers produced sportswear, T-shirts, women's underwear, pajamas, tights and other clothing, comfort, practicality than cotton, polyester selling products. And this static but also with the health of polypropylene products with huge market potential in the international market, which provided the impetus for the research and development of fine denier polypropylene products.

Following the fine, the birth of superfine polypropylene fibers, fine, superfine polypropylene fabric, fashion market soon developed. Up to now, China has formed a raw, sliced, spinning, spun-made to stop processing collaboration. From fiber to garment development, indicating the successful development of new textile materials for garment industry has brought new opportunities. Breakthrough chemical fiber raw materials, led to a series of fabric innovation, and ultimately a diversified fashion.

Clothing market in the future, this set of natural health and look gorgeous one fine, superfine polypropylene Fashion will occupy an important one seat, with the depth of the development of fine fibers of polypropylene, consumer attitudes change, the pursuit of comfortable and natural , beautiful and practical consumers will soon be accepted, choose this new high-tech clothing. Especially with the full development and application of fine denier polypropylene comfort, function, health care, and a variety of health fashion, fashion will continue to launch multi-functional, high-end clothing has become mainstream. Future apparel market, is functional, high-grade of the competitive market, clothing both new models, colors and more, but also have high-quality fabrics. Fine, superfine polypropylene novelty fashion to meet the people, for the United States, seeking mental health care. It is foreseeable that in the coming 21st century fashion trends, fine, superfine polypropylene fabric will accomplish much, off a fashion craze.

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