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China Railway Bureau released 2016 raw silk quality analysis report Sichuan and Zhejiang Yun Gui silk quality of the highest in the country

Recently, the China Fiber Inspection Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the China Railway Bureau) issued "2016 silk quality analysis report." In 2016, the average grade of raw silk was 915, and the quality of Sichuan and Zhejiang Provinces was better than that of the national average. The clean index had the greatest influence on the quality of raw silk in the main test items. Polaris FDY wire. Report that the quality of raw silk in China there are three major problems.

First, clean indicators have the greatest impact on raw silk quality. Due to the slowness of the promotion of new fine silkworm varieties, the standardization degree and scientific management level of raw silk cocoon production are low, and the innovation and research and development ability of reeling production equipment is insufficient, which leads to the clean index becoming the key index which affects the quality of raw silk in China. Silk, followed by silk cocoon raw silk fineness, reeling production scale surplus, cocoon silk production and management extensive, pay attention to production and ignore the quality, resulting in the proportion of foreign goods; third, the regional quality difference between the obvious. The reason for the poor quality of raw silk in some areas is mainly due to the low scale of local cocoon production, the large quantity and mass fluctuation of cocoon raw material supply. The size of the local silk reeling enterprise is generally small and the continuous production capacity is not strong , The lack of professional production process design and technical management personnel.

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