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Texworld Fabric Show: China fabric successfully gains many eyeballs

"Going out" is the trend of China's textile and garment industry development trend, but "what to go out, how to go out, how to go pretty beautiful value?" Still many companies continue to enlightenment of the subject. In this regard, China's popular fabric works have been practicing for many years, at the Texworld fabric exhibition in Paris, France on the textile fabric fashion show that is one of the important practical content to promote China's popular fabrics to the world, not only good products highlight the strength, But also have a good connotation and the world Unicom.

    So, every time in Texworld show China's popular fabrics, multi-round selection of fabric products will be systematically arranged design, in strict accordance with the Chinese textile fabric trends in the theme of the logic and content of the layout, through the borderless art language transmission of Chinese fabric Product advantages!

    September 18-21, China's popular fabrics once again to 2018/19 autumn and winter China textile fabric fashion trends in the form of static show Texworld, by the China Textile Information Center, the National Textile Product Development Center jointly released, China's popular fabric works, ColoroTM Support, the national textile product development base, China's popular fabric short-listed enterprises, China Textile Fabrics Trends Research and Distribution Alliance (referred to as: trend coalition), WGSN strategic cooperation, which covers more than 400 models, including from Fu Lida Group Holdings Limited, Shandong Luyi Textile Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Hengliang Textile Co., Ltd., Dali Silk (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., Guangdong Jianye Textile Group Co., Ltd. and other trend alliance enterprises, including 19 national textile product development base enterprises (referred to as: base Enterprises), and 10 Chinese popular fabric shortlisted enterprises (referred to as: shortlisted enterprises), have a professional team of multi-round screening, Texworld fabric exhibition on the success of many gains, which wonderful let us see faster!


    Seasonal concept

    Lifestyle is rapidly integrated, innovated, absorbed and re-innovated under super Internet thinking ... The growing intelligence of human intelligence forces humans into cognitive iterations. "Millennium generation" and "digital indigenous" under the influence of global culture to form from the "solution tribal" to "re-tribe" of the new circle; constantly out of the new experience-style consumption, upgrade their life Personalized demands. People in the speed of change in the increasingly grasp the link to the future of the new skills, technology speeding lead, from zero to one of the innovation flocked; people do not forget to reflect, making cognitive progress on the classic culture of endless!

    Theme one

    Trend and tribe

    To the 90 after the main "re-tribe" gradually formed, the integration of multi-cultural increasingly obvious; street graffiti, illustrations and other fashion art and fashion brands frequently marriage; have multiple social roles "slash youth" in different areas to display their own Of the talent; break through the confinement, speak their minds are now young personality tag, which formed the IP era for many well-known brands to bring the opportunity to reshape.


    A group of colorful and full of street color. Red and black constitute a classic rebellious rock color; three primary colors bright yellow, magenta and blue composition of the new quarter of electricity filter color, pink green in which played a role in the visual and. Purple is added to the romantic winter, from shallow to deep, from cold to warm the color gradient to bring a rich level. Warm yellow plays a universal role, with other colors to form a harmonious match and fun of the collision interaction.


    To the flowers and embroidery, jacquard-based combination of recovery and reconstruction of the form of disassembly collage and other forms constitute a very interesting blend of fun; red and black with the interpretation of rebellious unruly rock and roll; a large number of sense of the street bar, colorful color effect and graffiti art together Branded new avant-garde girl wind; dark sport velvet and European classical uniforms on the large animal patterns, bringing a new season mixed stacks Luxury street clothing; large logo and creative slogans in the printing patterns still maintain a pivotal role.

    Theme II

    Primitive field test

    The loss of national culture is more and more attention, people in the tension of modern life began to advocate the original wild and free. "Along the way" to lead people's ideas, to promote cultural exchanges, but also to meet the current people on the travel and experience the pursuit of different life. Concerned about environmental protection and recycling design, the pursuit of slow fashion under the "consumption" comfort, has become more and more new middle class respected attitude towards life.


    A series of warm and soft colors. Camel and peach bring the most popular home comfort this season; slightly yellowish green grass will be soil color, bark color and orange together, constitute a rich sense of the rural color; rich blood red with dark coffee color And khaki, full of original color means; warm gray is the most beautiful fur color in winter, embellishment and balance the entire color series.


    Compact and shades of variegated woolen and loose fancy yarn wool to form a relaxation of the degree of retro means; terry fabric is innovative use; soft and comfortable woolen wool jacket, sweater and heavy wild man-made Wool, reflecting the nomadic feelings of the nomadic people; nostalgic monochrome and mixed color form of the thick needle large size sweater, and with a sense of drape thread long sweater and so on with a clear lazy urban wind; crayon color stitching, pull watercolor effect And the shadow effect is the new bright spot of the change of the country plaid; complicated jacquard cut line and burnt craft expression is not complete as simple; natural dyed, rich color of the Fierland island, multi-colored leopard and magnificent super realism natural theme Enrich the theme of the pattern elements.

    Theme III

    Create a spirit of tradition

    Modern design in the depth of spiritual practice and philosophical thinking level never stopped. Advanced simplicity is the most beautiful sense of the city's elite taste of practical aesthetics. A series of retro industrial sense, the classic shape and patterns are constantly re-interpretation; life after the precipitation of the focus and feelings, so that people look back in the past, learn from the past, recycling in the past.


    Rational and full of texture of the color combination. Light gray, pink wax, gray blue and military green constitute a clear color of industrial wind color, practical and modern; khaki, pink and kraft paper color interpretation of the common interpretation of the strong trend of recycling; this season represents the classic retro cowboy blue Color, bright yellow chalk, and nostalgic full of tobacco color, with a new interpretation of the unique way with the interpretation of the new style of the new color plate.


    Heavy texture of the evening coat to show the strong charm of professional women; 70 years striped corduroy, old suede and practical plain and twill fabric to create a classic tooling style; with a clear decorative edge and patch design of the dark new Cowboy enhanced rejuvenation tooling trend; depth different laser engraving and large area wear process interpretation of cowboy classical and trendy new style; gray tone abstract camouflage jacquard and printing enriched the style of military coat, water halo effect composite coating is the future The new look of camouflage.

    Theme IV

    Retro new future

    Artificial intelligence and technology to promote innovation under the constant experience, and constantly change the people's lives and their own understanding. Science and technology related to the future rich and colorful, "psychedelic future" art affects the popularity and development of electronic music, young people more and more like to have a variety of new art forms of electronic music. Surreal natural themes and mysterious old film is also re-excavated with the retro style, the past, now and the future of the combination of performance than ever more fantastic effect.


    To the dark tone of the end of the strong sense of collision color combinations. Dark purple, dark blue, wine red and rose red to create a typical retro color of the future, warning yellow and orange red to become a night crossing the light; silver reflective is an indispensable space effect, and has a colorful flow of visual material It is better to show the future of science and technology unpredictable; dark red with forest green, full of retro and mysterious taste for the supernatural fantasy theme provides a perfect emotional tone.


    Glossy oil color effect, changing 3D feel and strong silver metal bead application is the most obvious appearance of the characteristics of the theme of the fabric; different colors of metal wire and metal coating is essential; sports nylon fit protective reflective strip and bright paste Bags of decorative lines, to create a new future aerospace outdoor equipment; the bottom of the acupuncture, dyeing and printing techniques such as the formation of gradient psychedelic technology as effect; light flocking striped lace add the theme of retro luxury feeling; Do the old coated leather in the new season more neat; space theme printing, science and technology and small psychedelic flower is the theme of the key pattern.

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