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Popular Science | Everyday at home, how to eat to improve resistance?

As the saying goes, people are iron and rice is steel. After eating rice, our bodies are more resistant. Now in special times, Xiaobian intends to teach you a few simple dietary strategies so that you can spend no money Enhance immunity!

Fish, poultry, egg and soy
No less than one

At home, it is basically light physical labor. According to the recommendations of the Chinese Nutrition Society, it is recommended that you consume more than 65-75g of protein a day, preferably from animal and plant sources on average, of which high-quality protein should account for protein 30-50%.

Animal proteins include lean meat, chicken, fish (especially deep-sea fish containing omega-3 fatty acids), seafood, low-fat milk, eggs, etc., but do not eat wild animals; seafood should also be appropriate.

Plant protein can eat beans, tofu and soy products, nuts and so on. Seafood contains a large amount of zinc, which is also an important nutrient to maintain immunity.

Medically, it has been found that people who lack zinc in their bodies can hardly resist the attack of bacteria and viruses. Eat at least one egg a day and about 300ml of milk a day, which is roughly a pack of pure milk and a pack of yogurt.

Staple thickness
Guaranteed whole grain intake

Whole grains are what we call daily grains. We recommend eating at least one bowl of whole grain rice, or whole grain bread, and whole wheat products, so that whole grains make up half of the staple food, at least one third.

These foods are rich in B vitamins, dietary fiber, and various minerals. These nutrients are related to human health and immune functions such as the production of antibodies. At the same time, the high content of dietary fiber in whole grains is beneficial to promote gastrointestinal motility and prevent home activities. Constipation caused by insufficient amount.

Eat more vegetables than usual

There are many, one is a large number, and one is a large variety.

Eat at least 3 kinds of vegetables every day, the more types, the better, distinguish by color, the more colors, the better, especially dark green vegetables are recommended.

Dark green vegetables are rich in nutrients and contain a lot of micronutrients and phytochemicals, which can provide the necessary nutrients for the normal functioning of the immune system.

In addition, eat more mushrooms, mushrooms can improve the immune function, but the purine content of shiitake mushrooms is relatively high, people with gout should limit intake, do not eat every day.

There is garlic. Many studies have found that the sulfur compounds in garlic can increase the activity of T cells and macrophages and increase immune capacity.

Regardless of whether it is eaten raw or cooked, eating 2 to 3 garlic per day, or half an onion, and several onion segments, can achieve the effects of sterilization, infection prevention and anti-cancer.

At least 1 type per day
High Vitamin C Fruit

In terms of fruits, we recommend that you eat 2 kinds of fruits every day, and one of them should choose a vitamin C content.

Vitamin C stimulates the body to make interferon (a substance related to immune function) to destroy the virus. It also helps to produce collagen, keep cells tightly together, and reduce the chance of bacteria and viruses invading.

The fruits with the highest vitamin C content are fresh dates, kiwis, papaya, virgin fruits, strawberries, citrus fruits, etc., which can be replaced every day.

Beans and nuts are also rich in vitamin E. Studies have found that vitamin E also helps to make antibodies and increase the activity of T cells, which is especially important for elderly people with low immune function.

Don't eat too much fat

Eating too much fat can inhibit the immune system's function, and the body only needs a moderate amount of fat to function healthy.

At the same time, pay attention to the choice of fatty foods. Some fats easily inhibit lymphocytes and weaken the role of the immune system. In addition, the nature of this type of oil is unstable and easily oxidizes when cooking at high temperatures, which generates free radicals that attack immune cells.

It is recommended to choose oils with more monounsaturated fatty acids, such as olive oil, peanut oil, or a variety of oils.

Appropriate supplement
Moderate Multivitamin

Living at home with an unbalanced diet and reduced outdoor activities makes vitamin supplementation necessary.

Nutrition experts do not recommend taking a single dose of vitamins. It is better to eat multivitamins. The dosage does not need to be too high. Various vitamins and minerals should not exceed 100 to 150% of the RDA (recommended daily intake). You can also buy some ready-made ones. Multivitamin preparation.

While you have a lot of time, remind you to take a closer look at these body excretions and review the relationship between them and what we eat in order to make changes, which is great for your physical health.

Eating is a science, and eating a good body is an art. After reading so much, did you get it? I wish you all healthy and auspicious!

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