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It's perfect! Please look for polypropylene fine denier at home sportswear!

A home fitness tip written in the evening breeze in spring! Under the epidemic situation, in addition to eating at home or eating, the lower abdomen grows day by day, the gastrointestinal function weakens, the digestive system is disordered, constipation and fat accumulation occur.

Experts suggest: You can choose exercise at home as appropriate, yoga is a good choice.

Practice yoga at home! After all, practicing basic yoga at home is something everyone can do. It does nt require a venue or foundation, and you can start with simple exercises. Yoga can also help to relieve stress, help you relax, and practice quickly! It can improve the body's immunity from the inside, so if you want to stay healthy, you can suggest that you spend some time every day to help you improve your body's immunity from the inside and help you better resist the virus.

Notes for Yoga Practice

It is better to practice barefoot on a flat surface or a yoga mat;
Do not start practicing yoga postures immediately after eating or drinking a lot of fluids. It is recommended to practice three hours after a meal and at least 30 minutes after drinking fluids;
Wear comfortably;
When practicing yoga postures or breathing techniques, do not breathe quickly or stretch too long, and you should not feel short of breath. The amount of inhalation should be based on comfortable exhalation, and then gradually increase the amount of air inhalation and exhalation;
For neck and back problems, high blood pressure, etc., be sure to consult a doctor before doing posture or breathing exercises to ensure that you can safely and effectively practice yoga postures or breathing methods. If our recommendations conflict with your doctor's order, please refer to your doctor's order ;
When practicing, pay close attention to your body's feelings, do your best, and don't force it excessively and gently extend your limits.

Flowers bloom epidemic scattered, exercise good season. Turn on body perception and adjust well. In the spring of 2020, welcome yourself!

After sweating at home after exercise, the sweat sticking to the clothes is extremely uncomfortable. The national star polypropylene fine denier silk was born for sports, and it can meet your requirements.

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