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Advantages of polypropylene air-varying yarn

Advantages of polypropylene air-varying yarn: light specific gravity, high strength, corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, good heat retention, strong wicking, sweat absorption and moisture conduction, and soft feel
There are many varieties of polypropylene aerial yarns, complete colors, and quality assurance.

Introduction of polypropylene fiber: During the spinning process of chemical fibers, each filament is not a single filament but a multifilament composed of 15 to 100 very thin filaments. If compressed air is used to blow the filaments during the spinning process, and they are rotated and twisted into a network shape, they are called network filaments. This kind of silk has high strength, without twisting and sizing during weaving, and without desizing treatment during dyeing and finishing. The fabric made of net yarn has a particularly good wool-like feel.

After processing and spinning, the chemical fiber undergoes texturing treatment (such as strong twisting, false twisting, non-stretching texturing, etc.). Such as strong nylon yarn, bulky nylon yarn, etc. Air-textured yarn is also known as ATY, it is a variety of chemical fiber filaments. It uses compressed air to jetly deform the chemical fiber filament and make the outer ring form a small loop, and then break it to form a number of head ends exposed, which is close to the "yarn" spun by the conventional method. Currently, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, viscose, vinegar, etc. all have air-textured yarns.

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