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The college entrance examination is over and the journey of life has just begun!

The year 020 is destined for an unusual year. Suddenly, the time of college entrance examination was postponed, but the dream will not be postponed. The ten-year cold window of Xinxin students still ushered in, challenging themselves and chasing the moment of the future...

Behind the wind and the waves, the thorns and the thorns, the loneliness of the night fight and the perseverance of the day and day. After the college entrance examination, let us take off the burden and remove the armor. Come here to rejoice~

At the end of the college entrance examination, you dont have to immerse yourself in the sea of ​​questions all day long; you dont need to recite the answer routines for the exam...

At this moment, your whole body is free, you can do what you want to do as you like, follow your heart, and make full use of holiday time to do what you could not do before. As a person coming over, the editor wants to give you some ideas about how to spend the summer vacation after the college entrance examination:

1. Read, read extensively

As a student, you usually have less time to read extracurricular books, or even cannot read extracurricular books. It is necessary to use this summer vacation to read a few good books. Now you can read some classic books according to your preferences. A good book can expand your horizons, improve your ability, and train your thinking. Either way, it will be very helpful for you to enter the university and your future life.

2. Get a driver's license

This summer vacation has plenty of time, and a drivers license is another socially necessary skill. Everyone knows the importance of a drivers license. You dont necessarily have time to learn a car when you are in college. Dont expect to take a test while working after graduation. Therefore, it is important to obtain a driver's license.

3. Learn new skills

There are more new skills. For example, if you cant swim, swimming will definitely be better than not. If you like music, you might as well learn door instruments, which are also very interesting and useful. This way you can not only learn a new skill, but also develop a more interesting hobby, which can enrich your life and become your wealth.

4. Travel, have fun

If you can, with a few familiar friends, under the guarantee of safety measures, let's take a short trip. Relax your body and mind and feel the beauty of nature. During this period, you can also communicate with your parents and increase your feelings. It doesn't matter whether it's near or far, the important thing is to take advantage of this summer vacation to go out and relax and release yourself.

Warm reminder: Now that the epidemic has hit again, the friends must take good protection and travel healthily.
1. Personal protection: masks, alcohol spray, goggles, water-free hand sanitizer, etc.
2. Keep a distance in public places and do not crowd each other.
3. Actively cooperate with the staff to check the body temperature.
4. When a suspected or confirmed case appears, follow the instructions of the medical staff, isolate yourself in time, and do not leave without permission.

Nowadays, in the summer, when the sun is fierce, our skin will suffer! Go out, but I'm afraid of this huge sun. Now it's the time when the ultraviolet rays are the strongest. Going out to get real sun protection, sun protection equipment such as sun hats and sunscreens are essential!

So how are we going to spend this summer with great heat? Ah ha ha! National Star has a good move. Guoxing specializes in polypropylene fine denier yarns dedicated to high-end functional fabrics. On a hot summer day, ANYCOOL polypropylene fine denier yarns will keep you cool and cool all around!

Polypropylene fine denier yarn product characteristics: hydrophobic sweat guide, smooth and easy to dry. Low heat conduction, keep warm and comfortable. The texture is gentle and skin-friendly. The original solution is dyed and the color fastness is good. Wearable and washable, acid and alkali resistant. Antibacterial and deodorant, hygienic and healthy. Environmental protection and no pollution.

Application of polypropylene fine denier yarn: It has the advantages of environmental protection, light weight, chemical resistance, low thermal conductivity, antibacterial and deodorant, bright color, etc. polypropylene fine denier yarn is mainly used in sportswear, seamless underwear, sports socks, etc. Various functional polypropylene ultra-fine denier yarns can be processed according to customer needs.

These clothes are hailed as "human body air conditioners" by people. Your cold and warm are self-aware, and they will bring you natural health without side effects.

What is high temperature with polypropylene fine denier around? No matter where you go, polypropylene fine denier is worn on your body, it exists for your comfort. The future development of clothing not only requires the fabric to have beautiful and colorful requirements, but also the functionality of the fabric is a major development direction.

Well, share this little secret to your circle of friends, let more friends know it~ Share it with everyone today, I hope to help you after the college entrance examination.

In the end, you who were born in SARS and tested in the new crown are well-known on the list, with a promising future, everything is as you want, as you wish. You are destined to be extraordinary!

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