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Advantages of polypropylene textured yarn

Polypropylene stretch yarn products are environmentally friendly materials, pollution-free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, light weight, chemical resistance, recyclable granulation and other characteristics.
Polypropylene stretched yarn is mostly used in products that require specific elasticity, such as kick guards and gloves. In addition, polypropylene fiber has very little hygroscopicity, almost no moisture absorption, and the moisture regain rate under general atmospheric conditions is close to zero. Polypropylene also has a strong wicking effect, and water vapor can be removed through the capillary in the fiber.
The strength of the polypropylene stretched yarn produced by Changzhou Guoxing Special Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is second only to that of nylon, but the price is only 1/3 of that of nylon. The fabric made is stable in size, has good abrasion resistance and elasticity, and has good chemical stability.
Polypropylene plus stretch yarn use: it can be purely spun or blended with wool, cotton or viscose to make various clothing materials. Polypropylene stretch yarn can be used to knit all kinds of knitwear such as socks, gloves, sweaters, knitted pants, dishcloths, mosquito nets, quilts, warm fillers, ribbons, etc.
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