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Recently, "flour" than "bread" expensive textile market is back!

Recently, "flour" than "bread" expensive textile market is back!

On the first day of April, polyester filament had a good start, and the production and sales reached about 160%. At the same time, upstream raw material PTA strong upward, continue to probe.

The cut in crude oil pushed up the price of polyester

First, rising costs push polyester prices higher. On April 3rd, raw material costs were driven higher by news of production cuts in several crude producers. Since crude producers enjoy price dominance, the likelihood of oil prices falling in the short term is less. Even so, in the case of rising prices, polyester is still in the red. Recent data monitoring shows that the profit of three conventional polyester is: 150D FDY -166 yuan/ton, 150D POY-241 yuan/ton, 150D DTY 175 yuan/ton. Although the current loss for Dachang can still bear, but the profit space is insufficient.

Grey cloth prices have not risen

Throughout the downstream weaving industry, the rise of polyester did not lead to the rise of grey cloth prices, on the contrary, many cloth owners choose to drop the price of goods. Although the current market is more stable, but the vast majority of orders are cloth boss in the price concession to sell, once the cancellation of concessions, it will affect the number of cloth sales. At the same time, an important factor in the price rise of grey cloth is the change of raw material prices, but the more important point depends on whether the order is sufficient, whether the inventory is too high.

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