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Analysis of characteristics of polyester filament

Polyester air variable yarn uses compressed air to make the chemical fiber filament undergo jet deformation, the outer ring of the wire bundle is partially rolled up, and then it is partially broken, forming a number of ends exposed to the outside, which looks very close to the short fiber, according to the conventional method of weaving, and air deformation yarn is obtained. In the production of air textured yarn, the production process of cutting the chemical fiber filament and spinning the long yarn is omitted. The fabric made of it has the appearance and feel close to that made of short fibers, as well as hygroscopic properties. It can be used to produce imitation silk, imitation cotton or imitation wool fabric, respectively, as clothing, furniture cloth, felt or car cloth.

Special processing technology is used to produce natural flax's rough and soft feel, while overcoming the natural flax's crease, washable and easy to care for.

Analysis of characteristics of polyester filament
1, tensile strength: the tensile strength of polyester fiber is nearly 1 times higher than cotton and 3 times higher than cashmere, so polyester wool fabric is strong and durable.
2, heat resistance: can be used in -70 ~ 170, is the heat resistance and temperature resistance of synthetic fibers
3, plasticity: the plasticity of polyester close to cashmere, wrinkle resistance than other fibers, wool fabric does not wrinkle, good shape preservation.
4. Wear resistance: The wear resistance of polyester is only second to that of cotton fiber, which is second to that of synthetic fiber.
5, water absorption: polyester moisture absorption rate is low, cable sheath performance is good, but due to low water absorption, friction caused by the tip discharge, the natural adsorption of the dye is poor, so polyester general dyeing using high pressure dyeing method.
6, dyeability: polyester itself lacks hydrophilic groups or dye acceptor parts, so the dyeability of polyester is poor, can be used disperse dyes or non-weak electrolyte dye dyeing, but the dyeing specification is harsh.

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