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Polyester DTY yarn denier
  • Polyester DTY yarn denier
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  • Polyester DTY yarn denier

    Denier polyester DTY yarn More:

    Specifications: 50/96, 100/144

    Denier polyester DTY yarn introduction:

    Development began in fine fibers of polyester filament, the mid-1960s, one-component melt spinning method used in Japan for the first time to produce a 0.4-1.0 denier denier polyester filament. Early 1970s, with the lift-off method and the islands of Japan and French composite spinning method to produce about 0.1 denier microfiber and realized industrialization. Since the 1980s, the fiber denier has become a general trend in the development of synthetic fibers, such as Japan's Asahi Kasei, Kanebo, Teijin, Toray, the United States and Europe, DuPont, Hearst, 阿格索 other companies all produce various specifications of fine fibers, currently Japan denier filament production accounts for one-tenth of filament production.

    1970s to manufacture artificial leather deerskin as the goal, set off the first wave of development of fine fibers.

    1981 - - 1985, mainly fine fibers product diversification of product development, this period is not limited to the preparation of fine fibers leather, and open up to the terms of the high-density breathable waterproof fabric, peach skin style fabrics.

    After 1986, due to the in-depth study of the characteristics of fine fibers into fine fibers function of the excavation period, setting off a second research and development boom. Such as clean cloth, with a unique texture of a new sense of fabric have emerged, micro fiber processing technology is further improved, the application of micro fibers also entered a variety of areas, 0.5 denier or less fine silk is very small due to its linear density, good water repellent, stain removal, filtration performance and are widely used in insulation materials, UF materials, liquid absorbent material, ion exchange, bio-medicine and other fields.

    Polyester DTY yarn denier superior product performance mainly used for clothing neighborhood, suitable for female clothing, haute couture dress, jacket, suit jacket and so on.

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