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High quality fire-retardant polyester DTY yarn
  • Retardant polyester filament DTY
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    Tell you the truth Select retardant polyester yarn (ATY, DTY, FDY) grounds


    Flame retardant polyester filament DTY polyester DTY yarn Specifications: 100-3000D

    Flame retardant polyester DTY polyester filament yarn DTY Description:

    Using phosphorus-based flame retardant spun polyester chips obtained a permanent flame retardant effect, can effectively reduce the flammability of the product in the flame, the flame spread rate slows, so that the products after leaving the flame can quickly self-extinguishing, no burning, improve safety and security fabric article.

    Polyester fabric flame retardant polyester DTY DTY yarn made of silk has good elasticity, feel soft and comfortable resistance.

    Flame retardant polyester filament DTY polyester DTY yarn applications:

    Automotive interior fabrics, textiles, such as various types of luggage fabrics, decorative building materials, Oxford cloth, textile fabrics, curtain cloth, shade cloth and flame retardant protective clothing

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