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Nylon denier DTY yarn
  • Nylon denier DTY yarn
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    Specifications: 50/96, 100/144

    Nylon Fabric Features:

    Nylon fabric known for its excellent wear resistance, it is not only jackets, mountaineering clothing the best choice, and often blended or mixed with other fibers to improve the strength and fastness of the fabric.

    Nylon fiber fabric characteristics can be summarized as follows:

    1. Nylon fabric abrasion resistance ranks first in all kinds of fabrics, many times higher than similar products in other fabrics, and therefore its durability is excellent.
    2. Hygroscopic nylon fabric synthetic fabrics in the case of a good variety, and therefore made with nylon clothing than polyester clothing more comfortable to wear.
    3. Genus lightweight fabric nylon fabric, synthetic fabrics in only out in polypropylene, acrylic fabric after, therefore, suitable for making climbing, winter clothing.
    4. Nylon fabric flexibility and elastic recovery excellent, but small external force deformation, so the fabric worn during volatile wrinkles.
    5. Nylon fabric heat resistance and light resistance are poor, the wearing course should be noted that washing, maintenance conditions, so as not to damage the fabric.

    Fine fibers to a certain extent, can play a number of new features. These features make the fine traditional textile fiber products can not match the excellent performance, it is called fiber "rising stars." The world are vigorously develop the fine fibers.

    DTY yarn denier nylon and nylon with a fine, can be widely applied to peach, suede, waterproof high-density anti-drilling velvet fabric, silk thick high sensibility, high-end fashion knitwear and underwear, medical protective, ultra-Jiejing clothes, etc., the effect is significant, commendable.

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