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Warm fabric quality
  • Warm fabric quality
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    Warm fabric low thermal conductivity, heat conduction rate slow, small wastage of heat, and therefore its thermal resistance than other fabrics, called more warmth than wool fabric. Keep dry and warm fabrics with thermal insulation properties, less likely to hard and brittle in the polar environment, more than any other fabric suitable for polar cold environment. US troops also used by the warm clothing in layers of fabric woven as insulation. To keep the wearer warm, dry and comfortable.

    Other advantageous features of warm fabrics:

    1. hydrophobic I. Khan, smooth and easy to dry
    2. Lightweight, pro and skin
    3. dope dyeing, color fastness
    4. wear washable, acid and alkali
    5. anti-bacterial deodorant, health
    6. environmental pollution.

    Special Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Changzhou Guoxing main production and operation: polypropylene fine denier DTY yarn, polypropylene ATY yarn, polypropylene filament FDY, DTY fine nylon yarn, polyester filament DTY fine, functional fabrics, functional clothing with a polypropylene fine denier DTY silk, outdoor fabric with polypropylene fine denier DTY yarn, fine denier DTY Polypropylene thermal underwear silk, outdoor tent shade Polypropylene ATY silk, sand release, carpets Polypropylene ATY silk, wool warm wins ATY yarn denier polypropylene, bags, ribbon Polypropylene FDY wire, car seat with polypropylene FDY yarn, rope, wire harness with polypropylene FDY, DTY yarn denier nylon underwear, underwear denier polyester DTY yarn, single wizard wet fabrics, warm fabrics.


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