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Unidirectional wet fabrics
  • Unidirectional wet fabrics
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  • Unidirectional wet fabric does not absorb moisture having the characteristics, when sweat sweat and sweat quickly transferred to the outer air, to avoid clothing paste clammy skin causing discomfort, while achieving quick drying effect, it is called will fiber breathing, is the best material swimwear, ski clothing, sports underwear and wetsuit. This fabric does not absorb moisture and human sweat, to eliminate the bacteria and inventory conditions fundamentally, to achieve the effect of anti-bacterial deodorant, while cleaning more thoroughly clean clothes, but also to meet the people's health and hygiene requirements for clothes.

    Unidirectional wet fabrics Other advantageous features:

    1. hydrophobic I. Khan, smooth and easy to dry
    2. Lightweight, pro and skin
    3. dope dyeing, color fastness
    4. wear washable, acid and alkali
    5. anti-bacterial deodorant, health
    6. environmental pollution.

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